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23 Best Jasmine Tea You Must Buy (2022 Updated Reviews Guide)

With so many types of jasmine tea, what is the best jasmine tea you must buy? Besides personal preferences, the best jasmine tea depends on where the tea is grown, how the leaves and ingredients are picked and how they are harvested and processed.

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What is Jasmine Tea Made of

You want the best jasmine tea, but what exactly is jasmine tea made of? The most popular tea found in a typical Chinese restaurant is jasmine green tea which has a green tea base with jasmine flavoring or extracts added to the tea.

Jasmine tea, the most famous scented tea in China[1], is one of those herbal teas with a floral accent of jasmine blossoms. It is a type of tea that is an infusion of fresh jasmine flowers with tea leaves from the Camellia Sinensis tea plant such as green tea leaves, white tea, oolong tea, and black tea.

How is The Best Jasmine Tea Made

There are a wide variety of delicious tea blends, but the quality of jasmine tea depends on the harvesting, production, and scenting process. Premium tea has a stronger floral aroma and the quality of the tea is retained because fresh jasmine flowers go through the natural scenting process. Fresh flowers are plucked in early spring at the best time in the day when jasmine buds are still closed.

They are stored properly until late summer when the fragrant jasmine flowers are just starting to blossom. They are then mixed with tea leaves and left overnight. As the flowers open up, the tea leaves absorb the aroma of the jasmine oil and the soothing fragrance of jasmine flowers.

Jasmine flowers rolled with green tea leaf into jasmine pearls
Jasmine flowers rolled with green tea leaf into jasmine pearls

The best and highest quality kind of jasmine tea comes from jasmine pearls. During packaging, each jasmine blossom is wrapped with a green tea leaf, making pearl-like bundles. This bundling enhances the infusion of both flavors such that they are locked in until they are brewed.

Once the hot water of the right temperature is poured into a bunch of pearls, they open into full bloom, releasing the best flavors of the tea. The preparation of jasmine pearls is a labor-intensive process that takes up a lot of time because these pearls are hand-rolled. This explains their expensive pricing compared to other types of jasmine teas.

How to Choose the Best Jasmine Tea

If you never knew there are so many different brands of jasmine tea out there, today, you know you are spoilt for choice.

My recommendations are based on the following criteria:

  1. made with fresh jasmine blossoms
  2. Rolled into jasmine pearls
  3. minimal or no artificial flavor
  4. reasonable pricing

Here are the best jasmine tea products for tea lovers

1. Organic Jasmine Pearls Green Tea

Brew 50 Cups | 4oz/113g Resealable Kraft Bag | by FGO

This jasmine tea is certified USDA organic loose leaf and hand-rolled with green tea. One of the highest quality jasmine teas you can ever find, it’s naturally jasmine scented yet not overpowering. With hot water, you will see the buds blossom, infusing the jasmine aroma with green tea. You won’t see dust particles like what you see in tea bags. What you get are actual dried leaves. Some of them are still in their full leaf shape. Use a tea strainer, tea ball, or tea infuser to filter the leaves. The flavor is so delicious you can have it warm or cold with ice and unsweetened without honey or other additives.

2. Harney & Sons Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea

20 Count (Pack of 1)

The best thing about the Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea from Harney & Sons is there are no added flavors. The tea flavor comes from natural ingredients mixed with high-quality tea. Both green tea and white tea buds are lightly oxidized and rolled into balls. Jasmine flowers are then added to give a floral flavor to the tea. It contains caffeine from green and white tea. It does not taste sweet, leaning more towards the citrus and vanilla flavors. You don’t need a tea strainer, tea ball, or filter for this, because it comes in individual tea sacks. Just drop your tea sachet in hot water. One sachet can be used for 2 cups of tea.

3. Kiss Me Organics Organic Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea

20 Count (Pack of 1)

The Kiss Me Organics Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea is of great value because you can brew one serving of pearls up to 3 more times. The pearls hardly fully open up after one brew, you still get the aromatic flavor with resteeping. The green tea base is infused with organic jasmine blossoms 3 times making it a rich tea with great taste. It also boasts several health benefits such as supports the immune system, provides lasting energy and helps burn calories. Their tea is grown on an organic farm in the Chinese province of Fujian and none of their flavors are artificial.

4. Tealyra – Imperial Jasmine Dragon Pearls

16-Ounce | Green Tea Loose Leaf | Organically Grown – 450 Gram

A popular choice for real tea lovers, Tealyra Imperial Jasmine Dragon Pearls has natural sweet flavor that come from the jasmine leaves and fresh green tea leaves. The pearls come as loose tea without tea bags. You will have to use a tea infuser or tea strainer to filter the leaves after steeping. The tea is organic and grown in the Fujian Province in China with traditional Chinese tea scenting techniques that date back for over 1,000 years. Their packaging is reusable with the interior lined with quality foil. After using some, you can zip-lock the bag to keep it air tight and preserve the tea’s freshness for a longer time.

5. Numi Organic Tea Jasmine Pearls

16 Ounce Pouch | Loose Leaf Green Tea | 200+ Cups | Packaging May Vary

The Numi Organic Tea Jasmine Pearls are made of pure, full-leaf quality organic teas and real jasmine flowers from Jiangxi Province, China. There is no tea dust or fannings. This tea is USDA Organic Certified and made with real non-GMO ingredients with no artificial flavorings or fragrances, sourced directly from Fair Trade Certified farms. The fresh fragrant jasmine flowers are pollinated five times with the green tea using the traditional tea scenting techniques dating back over nine centuries. The most tender green tea leaves are hand-rolled into small pearls and scented with fresh jasmine blossoms. This high-quality jasmine tea has a sweet aromatic flavor with bright floral notes.

6. Tian Hu Shan Special Grade Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green Tea

Loose Leaf 4oz (114g) Tin

Picked and rolled by hand into individual pearls, the Tian Hu Shan fresh jasmine buds, and tea leaves are grown in China, Fujian Province. They are naturally processed and do not contain any additives. They go through a meticulous process of mixing, heating, flipping, cooling, stacking, and scenting. Then, they are sifted multiple times giving them a smooth and sweet finish. The price for this 4oz tin is reasonable with such high-quality tea.

7. The Tao of Tea, Handrolled Jasmine Pearls Green Tea

Loose Leaf | 3 Ounce Tin

The Tao of Tea Jasmine Pearls Green Tea is originated in Hunan, China. Jasmine buds are plucked carefully and skilfully in spring to maintain its beautiful form without breaking. Only the top bud and long stem are taken for production without the leaves. The green tea leaves are plucked in spring to make sure only the ones with the most flavor are used. The jasmine aroma is further enhanced by using heat to infuse the hand-rolled pearls with jasmine flowers up to five times.

8. Magjo Naturals Imperial Jasmine Dragon Pearls

Loose Leaf Green Tea | Jasmine Green Tea with Amazing Aroma (16 oz)

The Magjo Naturals Imperial Jasmine Dragon Pearls are produced in the Huangshan Mountains of Anhui Province using clean soil farming. Puer green tea is used as the base tea. The leaves are hand-picked, plucked, and hand-rolled. It will then go through the scenting process for 5 days. Fresh jasmine flowers are hand-picked and layered with green tea 4-5 times, infusing the tea with a jasmine aroma.

9. TeeLux Organic Jasmine Dragon Pearls

Non-GMO Loose Leaf Green Tea | Hot & Iced Tea | 4 Ounce

TeeLux Organic Jasmine Dragon Pearls are made with hand-picked young leaves and buds in spring. They are hand-rolled into pearls and dried until jasmine flowers bloom. They are then placed with jasmine flowers that bloom at night. This is done for 5 nights. Once the infusion of the jasmine scent into the tea is completed, the flowers are removed and the tea is left to dry properly.

10. The Republic of tea Jasmine Pearls

Full-Leaf Loose Green Tea, 3.0 oz | Steeps 50 Cups | Caffeinated

The Republic of Tea Jasmine Pearls comes from Fujian province, China. The green tea leaves are first harvested in early spring. They are hand rolled with jasmine buds into compact pearls and dried. They are then mated with fragrant jasmine flowers to make an aromatic cup of tea.

11. Rishi Tea Jasmine Pearls Green Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

Immune & Heart Support | Kosher, Green Tea | Caffeinated | Floral Aroma & Taste | 8.8 oz | Makes 82 Cups

The Rishi Jasmine Pearl Green Loose Leaf Herbal Tea comes from Yunnan, China. It is certified USDA organic, GMO-free, kosher, vegan, and direct trade. Its pricing is on the high side but boasts great blue for tea lovers. With 8.8 oz of tea, it can make 82 cups and more if you steep multiple times.

12. Teabloom Organic Green Tea, Jasmine Pearls Loose Leaf Tea

Teabloom Organic Green Tea, Jasmine Pearls Loose Leaf Tea

Teabloom Organic Jasmine Pearls Tea is USDA-certified organic and certified kosher, using the finest quality and freshest tea leaves and pure natural ingredients grown in Taimu Mountain (Fujian Province, China). It has a light but rich jasmine flavor with distinctive green tea. It has about 30mg of caffeine which is medium in level, not too much to make you feel jittery, but enough for you to feel awake from the morning till the end of the day. It is sold in beautiful packaging, which is lovely, I do hope you are not paying just for that but for the quality of the tea.

13. BESTLEAFTEA Spring Picked Jasmine Pearl Green Tea

Chinese Loose Leaf Tea 100 gram | 3.5 OZ

The BestLeafTea Jasmine Pearl Tea is made in the North Fujian province of China. In early spring, downy buds are picked and processed into green tea. They are then rolled into pearls by hand. Production is done in their jasmine pearl tea factory which is certified by FDA and BRC and passed compliance with EPA regulations.

You don’t have to worry about pesticides present in the tea. Their jasmine tea is made with 100% natural green tea and jasmine flower. It contains caffeine that isn’t too much, just medium in level, enough to perk you up a bit. The pearls are packed in one aluminum foil bag carefully sealed that comes with a tea tin and lock to retain freshness. A hand-made tea spoon is also included as a free gift!

14. CAMEL Jasmine Tea Loose Leaf Dragon Pearls

4 oz Natural Jasmine Aroma Mellow Taste Detox Gluten Free Vegan

The Camel jasmine tea is made with premium green tea leaves hand-rolled with fragrant jasmine flowers into pearls. It has a mellow and refreshing taste, without any bitter taste. Their tea is plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, fat-free, sugar-free, carb-free, vegan, and additive-free. They are also specialized in tea that’s handcrafted since 1950. All pearls are packed in a big resealable bag, which means you will need to use a tea infuser, tea ball, or tea strainer to make a clear jasmine tea.

15. The Tao of Tea Jasmine Pearls Box

Pyramid Sachets, 1.05 Ounce | Box of 15 Sachets

The Tao of Tea Jasmine Pearls is handcrafted at a second-generation family tea farm in Hunan, China. It has a divine fragrance that’s soothing and relaxing. The tea contains caffeine but it’s very low so you can enjoy this jasmine tea at night without finding it hard to sleep. Instead of loose pearls like other jasmine tea brands, this product has helped you package the pearls into pyramid sachets of tea bags. The tea bags are biodegradable and give you the convenience to steep and drinking your tea from one cup of hot water without having to filter the leaves with any equipment.

16. Yan Hou Tang Jasmine Pearls Green Tea

Loose Leaf Dragon Ball Herbal Flower 100g 3.56oz | Aroma Resealable Pack Pouch

Yan Hou Tang Jasmine Pearls Green Tea is harvested from Guangnan, China. The green tea leaves and jasmine buds are hand-picked and hand-rolled into pearls. The traditional method of layering jasmine petals on top of the tea leaves one after another is being used. This layering is done multiple times after all the jasmine scent has been completely mated with the green tea leaves. This makes a delicate, smooth tea with a strong aroma.

17. Golden Moon Organic Jasmine Pearls Green tea

Loose Leaf | Non-GMO | Travel Tin (48 Servings)

The Golden Moon Organic Jasmine Pearls are made with two leaves and a bud. They are the most tender parts of the tea plant that bring out extra flavor and aroma. There is always fog surrounding the farm and this helps bring about a sweet and delicate taste in the tea leaves. No artificial flavors and harmful chemicals are used in production. They are grown organically and each batch of tea is investigated. The level of caffeine is at about 25mg, lower than most jasmine teas that have an average of 30mg of caffeine.

18. Teapigs Jasmine Pearls Tea Bags

Made with Whole Leaves (1 Pack of 50 Tea Bags)

Teapigs Jasmine Pearls is an award-winning tea. The pearls are packed in individual biodegradable tea bags made using whole leaves, whole leaf herbs, and whole flowers. Their tea is made with love though they haven’t been certified by FDA.

19. Cha Wu-[AA] Jasmine Pearls Tea Dragon Ball

3.5 oz | 100 g | Loose Leaf Green Tea

Cha Wu Jasmine Pearls Tea is one of the best value jasmine teas you can find. Its price is reasonable and you can make a lot of tea with the volume of pearls given. You can steep the tea twice. It comes in a tight vacuum pack for freshness. Flavor-wise, it gives off a fresh natural jasmine fragrance, with great taste and aroma.

20. Tiesta Tea – Jasmine Pearls Green Tea

Loose Leaf Green Tea | Medium Caffeine | Hot & Iced Tea | 5 oz Tin – 50 Cups | Single Origin Premium Jasmine Green Tea from China | 100% Pure Unblended

The Jasmine Pearls Tea from Tiesta Tea is limited in supply because it’s produced in small quantities. Grown and produced in Fujian, China, it does not contain any flavoring or extra ingredients. It carries flavor notes that are floral, piney, and sweet. You don’t have to use a lot of pearls for one cup of tea. You only need an average of 1/4 cup of pearls for a gallon of Jasmine tea.

21. Art of Tea Jasmine Pearls

Art of Tea Best Jasmine Tea Pearls

The Art of Tea Jasmine Pearls tea is an organic Jasmine-scented green tea. It comes from China and it is USDA certified. The 4 oz and 1 LB sizes come in a pouch, giving you an average of 98 cups and 390 cups respectively. If you want the tea to come with the tea tin, do select the Artisan Tea Tin option that is 3 oz in size. That will give you an average of 74 cups of tea.

22. Tea Chest Hawaii Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls

Tea Chest Hawaii Best Jasmine Tea Dragon Phoenix Pearls

For Tea Chest Hawaii Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls, you get to select between 3 different sizes: 3 oz / 85 g, 8 oz / 227 g, and 16 oz / 454 g. It is low in caffeine, slightly sweet with floral flavor, soothing, light, and airy.

23. California Tea House Organic Jasmine Tea Pearls

California Tea House Organic Best Jasmine Tea Pearls

The California Tea House Organic Jasmine Pearls are made from hand-picked single buds from the ‘Fuding Dahao’ tea plant variety. You get organic Jasmine Pearls green tea with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Best Jasmine Tea Winner

When there are so many Jasmine tea contenders out there, it is hard to point out which is the best jasmine tea. But if I have to do it, which is precisely the point here, the best jasmine tea shouldn’t be one that is priced too much based on packaging.

Packaging can look nice or helpful for one’s convenience, but the more important decision factor here is the tea itself and the price has to justify the process and treatment the tea has undergone.

In this case, the winner is the Jasmine tea from FGO, Organic Jasmine Pearls Green Tea. It is 100% natural, hand-rolled, USDA Organic certified, 100% from China and Non-GMO Project Verified. The packaging is not the best but good enough. For all these at a reasonable price, it’s a clear winner of the best Jasmine tea hands down.

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