can you put sea moss in hot tea

Can You Put Sea Moss In hot Tea? (Updated 2022)

Can you put sea moss in hot tea? Yes, you can put sea moss in hot tea, hot coffee, or other hot drinks if you like. It’s an edible sea plant like a bunch of sea vegetables or a type of seaweed. You can eat raw sea moss or brew it in hot water to make herbal teas. It is a natural, safe ingredient you can add to your food.

If you are wondering if it’s safe to put sea moss in hot tea, it works absolutely fine. Adding sea moss to hot tea is one of the most popular ways people are consuming sea moss.

Can You Put Sea Moss In hot Tea

Its properties like health benefits will still be retained even in hot beverages. In fact, due to the composition of sea moss, it’s best to add them to hot tea at higher temperatures so that it can dissolve, combine and mix well with the tea.

As for flavor, the raw sea moss you pick from the sea will have a salty and seafood taste. But once it’s been processed, packaged, and washed to be used for food and beverages, it will be close to flavorless.

Other than mixing sea moss with hot tea, there are other ways you can create tea mixtures. Check out my other guide on Can You Mix Green And Black Tea? Discover The Truth Now.

Another interesting tea you may wish to try is the māmaki tea.

What is Sea Moss?

Chondrus Crispus by Kontos from Wikimedia Commons

Sea moss is also known as Chondrus crispus.[1] It is a type of algae commonly found along the coasts of Ireland, other European countries, and North America.

Another name for this superfood is Irish moss or Carrageen moss. It is a red algae species or a bunch of red seaweeds used as a thickening agent for recipes to make ice cream, smoothies, soups, stews, and baked products.

The color of raw sea moss may be red, brownish more on the darker tone, but when it’s made into a jelly form or gel, it fades into more of a beige or cream color.

Carrageen Irish Moss
Carrageen Irish Moss

It doesn’t look like the green color moss you find on roofs, walls, and in forested areas. They are not the same thing. Mosses are plant-like species that are made up of small leaves. Both mosses and sea moss are the same in that they are both non-vascular plants.

Fun fact: Most foods you are enjoying now like ice cream, cottage cheese, non-dairy milk, jelly, pudding, infant formula, and more would have contained an extract from Irish moss, called carrageenan. This is a great natural thickener for vegans in place of gelatin, which is made from animal products.[2]

Carrageenan from sea moss is added to desserts in place of gelatin
Carrageenan from sea moss is added to desserts in place of gelatin

Why Add Sea Moss to Tea?

If sea moss has almost no flavor to it, why would you want to add it to your hot tea? The reasons can be varied.

You may wish to add sea moss products to your tea as non-dairy milk substitutes with potential benefits to your overall health. In this case, you are adding it for its nutritional value.

You may also add sea moss to your tea for the thick smooth creamy texture.

You can also make yourself a sea moss drink or smoothie without tea or coffee added.

smoothie on a saucer with coconuts

Can You Put Sea Moss Gel in Hot Tea?

Can you put sea moss gel in hot tea? The answer to this is yes. The Irish sea moss gel is a great addition to your hot tea because the gel form gives your drink a better gelatinous consistency. You can also blend the gel with your tea to make it a smoothie drink and mix it with honey or lemon to your liking.

There are various types of sea moss you can find in different forms. They can be in their raw form, where they look like they were taken straight from the sea and dried up. Besides the jelly-like or gel form, it can also be found in powdered form.

How to Put Sea Moss in Hot Tea

Now that you know it’s safe and even great to put sea moss in hot tea, the next thing is to make tea with sea moss. Get a handful of wildcrafted, raw, and sun-dried sea moss. It is the most clean, natural, and real sea moss you can get. I recommend the Elderwise Raw Sea Moss, it’s non-GMO, 100% natural, vegan, and gluten free.

Sea Moss Tea Recipe

There are people who prefer to drink just the sea moss drink alone without adding to tea. You may be a tea lover and would like to try adding natural, healthy ingredients like sea moss in place of other additives. The end result may look like milk tea due to the creamy color of sea moss mixed with tea.

Regular cup of milk tea in a tea cup and saucer

Can you put sea moss in hot tea? Here is how you do it:

Step 1: Soak Sea Moss

First, take a big bowl and add as much dried sea moss as you like into it. Then add water enough to cover all the sea moss. Make sure all parts of the sea moss have contact with the water to make them soft. Soak it for 8+ hours.

Step 2: Blend Raw Sea Moss

After 8 hours, rinse the sea moss, and blend it until it becomes like a smoothie or gel. Blending the sea moss helps to release the natural carrageenan. Leave it to settle. If you already have sea moss gel or powder form, you can skip the soaking and blending steps.

Step 3: Brew Tea

While leaving the sea moss smoothie to settle, it’s time to brew the tea. It can be any tea you’d like to make. It can be a tea bag of black tea, add boiling water and steep for up to 5 minutes.

Step 4: Add Sea Moss

Use a spoon, and add any amount of sea moss smoothie that you desire to your tea. Stir until they are completely mixed and enjoy.

Benefits of Sea Moss

Sea moss is like a dietary supplement that can provide potential health benefits. A daily dose of sea moss in moderation can provide you with extra nutrients for good health. Especially wildcrafted sea moss is grown from its natural state without pollutants, hence it is of its highest quality.

Here are some of the potential sea moss benefits for the human body on top of the nutrition from hot tea:

Supports Thyroid Health

It is believed to provide some nutritional value like lower blood sugar and support thyroid health due to its naturally high levels of iodine. This is especially great for those who don’t consume enough dairy products and seafood, leading to iodine insufficiency. This also means it’s harder for your thyroid to make hormones that give you energy and keep you warm.[3]

Improve Energy Levels

A study by the Asian Journal of Medical Sciences has shown that sea moss helps to improve energy levels, reducing some symptoms such as fatigue, asthenia, and weakness, and supporting skeletal muscles in sports athletes.[4]

Reduces Heart Disease

Scientific evidence is shown in a study that a bit of seaweed added to daily foods can reduce the chances of heart disease and hypertension.[5][6][7]

Boosts Immunity

It has also been found in a study that dietary seaweeds boost the immune system of Atlantic salmon. More research is required to confirm if this is the same for humans.[8]

Another study found that seaweeds could be a potential source of prebiotics to improve gut health. Since gut health affects your immune system, sea moss could potentially boost your immunity.[9]

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