Using a milk frother for matcha and pouring the matcha tea into a glass

3 Easy Steps To Use A Frother For Matcha Without A Whisk

You may be wondering if there is such a thing as a frother for matcha tea. We have all heard of milk frothers, but how about matcha frothers? I am lucky to have a milk frother at home and use it wildly with my matcha. You can do that too with many frothers out there to whip up your matcha to a delightful creamy froth.

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Can You Use A Frother For Matcha Without A Whisk?

Matcha tea is delicious that gives you a healthy energy boost! You can make frothy specialty drinks like matcha lattes, and matcha coffee. But matcha powder (ground green tea leaves) has to be mixed well with water or milk to make it smooth and consistent throughout your drink.

Matcha doesn’t completely dissolve in water. Without mixing them correctly, the matcha will become clumpy, and taste grainy, bland, and diluted. If you wish to enjoy matcha tea with a silky froth, you will have to at some point make the powder suspend on water.

matcha powder is so fine that it clumps up together

The common way to do this is to use a standard metal whisk or a traditional bamboo whisk (chasen) with a matcha bowl (chawan). It’s designed to froth up the matcha powder so it does not become clumpy. But what if you don’t have a whisk or what if you don’t want to froth your matcha manually? Can you use a frother for matcha?

What is a frother?

A frother (milk frother or frother for matcha) is used to make a rich foamy beverage, commonly milk and matcha with water. Like what you see in cappuccino or latte, they have a nice foam of milk on top, while thicker and creamy below. This foam is created with a frother. You can use milk frothers for both hot milk and cold milk. Frothy milk is a great addition to coffee, matcha, and hot chocolate. Cafes use automatic milk frothers to make more milk in a shorter time, while you can use a handheld milk frother at home. These days, you can use any handheld frother like a mini blender for matcha, milk, and coffee.

Can you use a frother for matcha?

Yes! You can use a frother for matcha or a milk frother to help you whip up a great froth of matcha. If you don’t have a whisk, you don’t have to wait till you buy it before making your best matcha. If you own a milk frother, you can use that to whip up a delicious cup of matcha tea too.

There’s no need to go the traditional way of using a bamboo matcha whisk to make a perfect cup of matcha. Using a frother doesn’t spoil your drink nor does adding matcha powder into your frother spoil your frother.

There are many great frothers you can use for matcha, milk, and all things beverages. I have had a Nespresso Aeroccino Milk Frother all along, so I conveniently use this to froth my matcha. Just pressing the power button once gets it frothing automatically in seconds.

Nespresso Aeroccino Milk Frother for Matcha Foam

How to Make Matcha Without a Whisk or Frother?

All matcha will froth and foam because it contains a compound called saponin. You don’t necessarily need to use a whisk or frother for matcha. If you don’t have a frother or whisk, you can also use a blender to mix it or add matcha and water in a bottle, close it up and shake it till the foam is formed at the top.

The great thing about using a regular whisk or frother is that there’s more control in breaking up all the matcha powder clumps to make the tea uniformly consistent.

How to Use a Milk Frother For Matcha?

Using a milk frother for matcha works the same way as frothing milk. A good quality milk frother will do the job well to mix it uniformly and make a good froth. The difference between frothing milk and matcha is the process before using the frother for matcha.

Here is how you use a milk frother for matcha, step by step.

Step 1: Heat Up Water or Milk

Boil 180 ml of milk or water and leave it on the side to cool. If you are using a handheld electric milk frother, it usually doesn’t warm up or cool down your beverage. In this case, you may wish to heat up the water or milk slightly warmer than your drinking temperature. If you are using a frother with a milk steamer, similar to Nespresso coffee machines, you can use that to make hot milk or cold milk while you froth it.

Step 2: Sift the Matcha

Before frothing, you will have to sift the matcha powder to break up the clumpy fine powder. You can use any small metal sieve. While you leave the water to cool, put the sieve on top of a shallow bowl or your frother. Add 2 tsp of matcha powder to the sieve. Use a spoon to rub the powder onto the sieve and it will fall into the cup like tiny bits of green snowflakes.

Matcha powder sifted into a milk frother for matcha

Step 3: Froth the Matcha Mixture

Add 150 to 180 ml of hot water (about 180 degrees Fahrenheit) or milk and sweetener (maple syrup) of your desired choice and amount into the matcha powder. If you are using a handheld frother like Aerolatte’s matcha tea frother, put the whisk end of the frother into the matcha mixture, press the power button and let it froth for about 30-60 seconds. If you have a frother that comes with a steamer, simply select hot or cold and enjoy some frothy fun.

Matcha tea foam made with frother for matcha

Which is Better? Matcha Whisk or Milk Frother for Matcha

I would say an electric frother is better than using a whisk. It can make the quality of froth more consistent than using the manual effort of whisking the matcha. It also takes just a few seconds compared to taking minutes when using a chasen. Not forgetting cleaning and caring for your chasen has to be done right. I’d say, just using a milk frother to prepare your matcha will do.

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